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First post: Music + Squid Chromatophores….definitely Fancy

So for my first post I really wanted to share this video with the web community. It’s an old one and it has probably been reblogged many times…but…I’m very interested in developmental biology–especially physical manifestations of it in pigmentation–when it comes to seeing biological patterns and stimuli and think everyone should see it. Basically these researchers connected axons of a squid’s dorsal fin to electrodes that sent signals (action potential) to chromatophores (the pigment cells) based on the bass of the music that was played in the background. It’s a combination that shows the fascinating nature of neurons, color in nature, and how species respond to stimuli. I’m concerned about the ethics of this demonstration though, because I don’t want our lovely squid to have experienced any pain during the experiment and hope that the Backyard Brains group was also concerned about the matter. (I think it’s important that we apply ethical principles to our science these days and I hope that my blog will reflect that through its development). Anyways, enjoy some squid, neurons, chromatophores. And stay fancy. Always.