The Gender G…………..A…………..P

I just wanted to share these two telling figures that appeared in Nature article by Helen Shen (Nature 495, 22–24 (07 March 2013) doi:10.1038/495022a).  While biology seems to be the most progressive field in terms of closing the gender gap, it is clear that much work needs to be done as we progress towards establishing equal opportunities in the sciences.  One of the “surprising” facts that I learned from the figure, was that the average grant given to females by the NIH in 2012 was about $ 80,000 less than their male colleagues.  



6 thoughts on “The Gender G…………..A…………..P

  1. I have to agree with Rebecca. Do you think there will always be this gap? How would you go about reducing the gap? Personally I don’t think there will ever be an equal playing field because our society would have to do a complete 360

    1. I hope that with progress and activism the gap will become smaller and smaller. I would love to see it completely close during my lifetime, however, there is much work to be done. When taking a historical perspective on this issue, I think it is clear that we have made much advancement in equalizing the field and encouraging the participation of women and minorities in the sciences. With more effort and activism I do think that closing the gap will be possible, hard, but possible.

  2. While the gender gap in NIH funding does not surprise me, it is still startling to see figures such as this. We still have quite a bit of progress to make.

  3. You would think that after all the social progress we’ve made that issues such as this wouldn’t come up. But yet they do. Hopefully this is remedied quickly.

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