Embrace Your Inner Scientist…You Know You’ve Always Wanted To!

This is a blog where a student from Transylvania University geeks out about science and all the Fancy developments that arise from humans setting out to explore natural phenomena by seeking to ask and answer questions about nature.  I hope you enjoy the posts and I’ll do my best to let the science capture  your hearts (…ok maybe it’s the neurons in your brain firing and coupled with the release of oxytocin…but you know what I mean).  You don’t have to be a scientist, have majored in the physical sciences, or even know what p tests are to get something from this blog….just have the desire to learn.  The rest will fall into place…but only if you let yourself fall back on the childhood memories that confirm the fact that all humans are born scientists–with that sense of discovery, inquisitiveness, and the desire to never stop asking questions! Stay Fancy!

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