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Reproductive Science Symposium at UK Thursday and Friday!


Reproductive Science Symposium at UK Thursday and Friday!

It’s a busy week for science in Kentucky!  Check out the talks that are listed.  There is a human embryonic stem cell talk from a Michigan Professor tomorrow from 1:45-3:00.  Check out the program!!!

Diabetes Research Symposium Directions


So Excited for the Diabetes Research Symposium Tomorrow!!!  Here is the google maps directions to get there.  Also I think there is usually parking behind the building but you can usually park on State or Terrace Street which are really close to the Biomedical Pharmaceutical Complex Building.  Just keep going a block or two after you see the Pharmacy building on Limestone and turn right onto them.  See you at room 124!!!  Also the link to the program:  http://www.mc.uky.edu/odrd/2013%20Program.asp